A Prayer Over Graduates


Oh Lord we are so thankful for our graduates. We praise you for your faithfulness in their lives from the day they were born to now. 

LORD, bless them as they pursue their callings in this world. Show them the goodness of work and that in every field of work there is a place to glorify you and to proclaim your gospel. May they recognize that their vocations are from you and therefore for the life of the world.

Father, in the midst of times when the toil of our days seem too much, may you encourage them. Spirit, may you remind them of their union with Jesus and that though it may be toil now, it wont be that way forever. May perseverance be their call in those times and let your promises be a deep and living hope to hold onto in their times of need.

Lord, may they have a chance to reflect and recognize what it took to get where they are. May they feel gratitude for the chance to accomplish such things and to remember the people who helped them along the way. May they be overjoyed and overwhelmed by your love in this.

May they see their vocations from this day forward as not merely a place to make money, but an opportunity to be a blessing. That they would have an eye for need, a hunger for justice, and an increasing passion for your kingdom ethic lived out in this world.

May they find in you strength to live out who they were made to be.

All this I pray in the Holy name of Jesus. 


Cole LescherComment