Every Student

Needs The Gospel

Needs The Church

Needs A Vision 

College ministry at Central Presbyterian Church has been around for a long time. Central has since the early 80's had a passion to reach college students that they might know the good new of Jesus Christ. In the fall of 2016 we partnered with an organization called Coalition for Christian Outreach to better serve students on campuses in our area.

The CCO calls college students to serve Jesus Christ with their entire lives. Our ministry is distinct in three ways: We develop students to be passionate leaders who serve Jesus Christ in their studies, jobs, communities and families. We serve together with the church, inviting students into the lives of local congregations. If you want to know more about the Central Presbyterian Church or CCO, click the buttons below. 


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Wednesday Night Bible Study & Dinner

Join us for our weekly dinner and gathering. We do pick ups on campus and will be back in time for our gathering in the DUC 241 @ 7:30pm. Text or email if you need a ride (or just meet at the Clock Tower).

5:15pm- Pick up at the Clock Tower

7:30pm- Wednesday Night Gathering

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Young Adult Sunday School

Join us as we gather each week at 10am to study God’s word together. There are different pastors and teachers that lead. It is a great (and important) supplement to the morning service which are at (8:30am & 11:15). Come get involved in the life of our church.

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Events/Retreats, Service Opportunities, and JUBILEE!

Throughout the year we do different events together. It can be retreats or monthly hangouts, we love to celebrate life together! There are many ways to serve in the city of St. Louis and beyond. There will be opportunities to serve locally through the school, our church, and even the CCO, so stay tuned! Jubilee is a conference in Pittsburgh, PA every February (22-24). It has been one of the highlights of most students years and is an incredible time to both learn more about Jesus and his call on your life and to grow closer in relationship to those who you go with. So come, you won’t regret it!